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Macular Degeneration

"I am writing this letter to let you know of the continued positive experience I am having in using the Infratonic with patients. I have been treating patients with the Infratonic for years, with wonderful results. Recently, I have been treating a patient suffering from Macular Degeneration. I am using the Infratonic and emitted QI from my hands in combination. This patient has experienced a marked increase in visual acuity and less burning sensation in the eyes, which was one of her chief complaints.

This case, along with several other patients with various eye ailments, has shown me once again the tremendous range of use of the Infratonic, and its real value to people in pain. The Infratonic seems to be able to respond to almost every dysfunction/disease situation which further strengthens my conviction of the importance of unrestricted and harmonious QI flow to our health."

Garry D'Brant, D.C., C.S.W., Dipl. Ac., Northport, NY

"I have a patient with macular degeneration. I have been using my Infratonic machine on her for ten minutes per eye for three weeks. The hemorrhaging has stopped and not long ago, she was fitted for glasses. She was supposed to be totally blind by now."

Lana Lovelace, D.C., Denison, TX


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