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"Problem: asthma. I have had since I was 26 years old, for the last 17 years. It has progressively gotten worse over the past several years from stress.

Treatment: A friend of mine in Columbus owns one, and I use it sporadically whenever I visit her.

Quality of Life Improvements: I notice that after a treatment, the tension in my back is reduced or gone completely, making breathing easier. It also helps to bring up the phlegm that is accumulating in my throat."
Brianna Flint, Lancaster, OH


"I am an asthmatic, when I have a light problem, the Infratonic helps a great deal especially at 2 a.m. It really helps me sleep."
Grace Bathrick


"My daughter has episodes of asthma, which seem to be brought on by weather changes/seasonal changes. She has experienced this since 2-1/2 years of age. At night the transducer is placed at the upper thoracic spine for 20 minutes and chest for 20 minutes alternating throughout the night. Also spinal subluxation are adjusted and appropriate nutritional therapy. She does not use medication as often as recommended and episodes of asthma/bronchial irritation are decreased."
Scott Fischer, DC, Dodge City, KS

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