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"I have had a sleeping problem since a fall in 1997. I place the Infratonic 8 in the center of my chest (Spirit). I have a slight improvement in sleeping. I am grateful."

Hill Champion, Idyllwild, CA

"Depression, unable to sleep from marriage breakup (divorce) from one of my patients in her 50’s. Used (Mind) placing transducer above the right eye, between top of head and hairline, 45 to 60 minutes. 1 treatment. This woman was on sleep inducers that didn’t help. She slept the same night of her treatment. Then 2 more nights without sleep pills. I have seen this in other emotional disorders I have treated in the same way."

Jacinta Horvath, Paris, TN

"Shortly after graduating from college, I was in an automobile accident which left me with two herniated disks in my upper back. Sitting for long periods of time or driving was intolerable. I sought help through a chiropractor and other physical therapy work because I did not want surgery on my back.

I started using the QGM to help with the pain from this accident. Later on, I developed carpel tunnel and I use the QGM for that as well. I use the QGM regularly (Mind) for around 20 to 30 minutes a day on different points located on my back and my chest for the last several years. In addition, I used the QGM for insomnia. I feel that the QGM had definitely helped me have a better quality of life."

Randy Moore, Auburn, CA

"I have been using the Infratonic 8 for muscle soreness after playing tennis on a regular basis, but I have also discovered two other great uses. When I have indigestion or stomach problems I place it on my stomach (Body) to get almost immediate relief. I also discovered when I have trouble falling asleep. I place the transducer slightly above my naval (Body) which relaxes me enough to fall asleep. The time varies for both but it never has failed to work."

Jane Quintana, Dallas, TX

"I have been using the unit for about 3 months now. I use it (Mind) when I have trouble falling asleep. I place it in the middle of my chest or sometimes on my arm and I go right to sleep. I have no clue why this works but I know it does. Thanks so much for allowing me to share this with you. I hope it gives someone who struggles with sleeping issues some hope!"

Teresa Kuhn, Canton, OH

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