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"Golf elbow. Have had sore right elbow from golfing and yard work for a few years. Now had to take aspirin and painkillers. Used Infratonic at doctor’s office during visits, 2 times a month for 8 months. No longer using aspirin, tylenol or any painkillers. Much less pain. Enjoy golf more."

Kevin Myers, Lewiston, NY

"I no longer suffer from tennis elbow. “The Machine” has cured it."

Kathy Brew, Waialua, HI

"Acute joint pain; tennis elbow. Treatment is over the area of pain for a duration of 4 minutes (Mind) approximately 15-20 minutes. Most patients notice a reduction in pain. Reduces pain and reduces recovery time."

Brian Penwell, DC, Decatur, FL

"I play competitive racquetball. Each time after I play I get a sore, tender elbow (tennis elbow) which is very painful. I place the transducer directly on four areas of my elbow for five or ten minutes on each spot. I used (Mind) and the tenderness and soreness to the muscle, tendons and ligaments vastly improved. I wouldn’t be able to play racquetball if it wasn’t for my Infratonic 4. It works every time."

William DeFeo, Langhorne, PA

"I found that after 2 surgeries (hysterectomy and repair of tennis elbow) that my recovery time was much shorter than others who had the same surgeries. I was back at work in 3 weeks after the hysterectomy and after 1 week in a cast my elbow had full range of motion."

Luann Lee, Hutchinson KS

"92 year female with history of right elbow pain for 2 months. She had been seen by an orthopedic surgeon and was prescribed Tylenol for pain and the use of warm packs. The diagnosis was degenerative joint disease and she was told to live with it. The patient continued to experience pain and disability which would also disturb her sleep. She was seen in my office and was treated with the Infratonic unit 1 time for 20 minutes on the medium setting. Following the therapy her symptoms have resolved and after 2 years she continues to be pain free."

Judith Steinhouser, DC, Laguna Hills, CA


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