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"A four-year old boy had extensive dental work, five stainless steel crowns put in, two amalgams removed, thorough cleaning and three hours under general anesthesia. He was in pain and inflamed. One treatment with the Infratonic, 1/8 tsp. of Tylenol and the pain was almost completely gone."

James Kromas, D.C., Boise, ID

"Tooth #5 was abscessed. My dentist took an x-ray and suggested a root canal. I used herbs to treat the pain & swelling. No change in the swelling. On the fourth day I awoke with swelling reaching to under my right eye. I then thought of my QGM. One 30-minute session (Mind) reduced the swelling by 50%. Another 30-minute session at lunchtime reduced the swelling by another 40% (down 10% of that morning). I was amazed at the results of those two 30-minute sessions. The swelling never returned!"

Brock Schwartz, DC, Evergreen, CO

"A friend went to the VA Hospital for his cancer check up & was told he needed some teeth removed. They pulled out 12 in one session. My friend came over 3 days after the massive extraction. Using the Chaos machine I treated him twice, 1 hour then 45 minutes, medium setting 3-4” from his mouth. After the second treatment he felt 50-60% improvement. He had been taking pain pills every 4 hours. He only needed to take the pills 2 more times. Within 2 days after the treatment he had very little pain and soreness and by the third day - no discomfort."

Dr. Dov Nadel, Santa Cruz, CA

“I have a tooth that becomes infected frequently, and I was able to control this with a therapeutic laser (it generally took 3 days to resolve this problem). During one of these flair-ups, I used our infratonic machine set on high for 20 minutes. The next day there was no more pain or inflamation, and the tooth was again firmly in place.”

Lee Piwowarski



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