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"The chest point has been for me a great calming and restfull experience. Many times I have found myself asleep with my transducer by my side and a complete calm feeling it really is a joy to me. I would like to thank you all for making this available. May the good lord bless you."

Brian Sivers

"I personally use the Infratonic on the K-1 point 15 minutes each morning, and this puts me in a good mood the rest of the day. I loaned the machine to a friend who had severe bursitis in his shoulder. While the Infratonic helped him, I was experiencing grumpiness and impatient with the world again, as I was without the use of the machine during this time. I was glad to get the Infratonic back, as the calmness and positive outlook on life has returned for me, corresponding to the resumption of my daily Infratonic sessions. I also have experienced no illnesses in the two months I've used the machine."

Robert K. Stevenson, Fullerton, CA

"My 5 month old baby was very upset so I nursed her but she still was upset. I then placed the transducer (Mind) on her upper back and immediately she began humming with it so sweetly while I was nursing her."

Kristin Collins, Morrison, MO

"I used the Infratonic 8 to treat a child who is hyperactive. After a 10-minute treatment, my grandson is calmed down for a few days. I also used the Infratonic 8 on an adolescent who suffers from agitation. The results are an almost immediate calming and mood elevation."

Dr. Roger Planck, Ft Wayne, IN

"After having (the Infratonic 4.2) this miracle in my hand over the past four years, it has really made me wonder at the mood swings I used to under go. I know that I have suffered from migraines for most of my life, but I still think that without taking any medication or appointments with the men in white all this could really change my way of acting and thinking.

My story has not yet finished as I shall be writing again with a more up to date report that I hope will be of interest to you all. This is really exciting stuff, seeing as I am now about up to an "8" out of "10", and this gives me hope in our world of war. So take heart my friends, as we are about to embark on a real live adventure for all of us. God bless you all. Brian the Brit."

Brian Sivers


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