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"Problem: Left wrist pain with stiffness and decreased range of motion. This has been a chronic problem for over 5 months, and has only been getting worse.

Treatment: The Infratonic was applied to the back of the wrist and hand for 20 minutes on high setting. Then another ten minutes on the front of the wrist directly over the apparent source of pain. This was done for 2 weeks daily.

Quality of Life Improvements: In just two weeks the improvement is signifcant. There is decreased pain in general over the joint and less stiffness. Even my range of motion has increased slightly. I do feel that with continued applications, maybe over 20 minutes, I will get greater improvement. I will keep you posted! Great machine!"

Stephen Bono, Ft. Myers, FL

"Ganglion, wrist pain, inflammation. Unit placed on back of wrists daily 10 - 15 minutes (Mind). Reduction in swelling & pain. Ganglion seemed to not be swollen anymore. Almost complete recovery. Pain has not returned. Only a slight weakness remains in wrists."

James Abbatiello, Bethpage, NY

"Thumb and wrist pain, aggravated with repetitive movements. Slight inflammation on days patient is more active at work. Transducer placed 10 minutes on anterior wrist, 10 minutes posterior wrist, 10 minutes at base of thumb (Mind). Occasionally elbow for 10 minutes. Patient no longer uses anti-inflammatory RX. Reduction in inflammation. Patient able to stay at job he enjoys. Many more pain free days. Patient very happy to avoid medication."

Jeff Arnold, DC, Grayslake, IL

“I broke my wrist on 2/23/2001. I slipped on some ice. A hand specialist doctor said it would take at least a year to heal, and that I would maybe regain 20% use of my left hand. I'm a full-time energy worker for the last 25 yrs, and loosing 80% use of my hand was unacceptable. I had 4.5 hours of surgery, which the doctor said would lengthen the recovery time. Immediately after surgery I was thinking of what to do to keep the swelling down and increase the blood circulation.

The only piece of mail that day was your newsletter with a lead article on how to heal a broken wrist with your Chi machine! Dahhh... I ordered it and received it the next day. I used it a minimum of 2 hrs. per day. After the surgery I had an external fixator with 4 screws and 2 pins. I found that the best results occurred when I used the Chi machine on the primary lymph nodes along my armpit, neck, and my elbow, before applying it to my wrist area.

Results: the next time my doctor saw me he said; "It should have taken a minimum of a year to recover with 6 months of physical therapy. You've had no therapy and you are functioning at 100% after 3.5 months." That's almost 1/4 the projected time of recovery. I employed several other methods of healing including my many years of experience doing Zero-Balancing. But still, 3.5 months and 100%! Thank you, thank you, thank you.... I hope this inspires others. With deep gratitude I and my clients thank you.”

Larry Adams


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