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Vehicle Accidents

"We were playing golf at the Wigwam Golf Courses in Litchfield Park Arizona. My husband, who has macular degeneration and has limited eyesight, decided to bring the golf cart to where I was hitting my golf ball. He was driving the cart from the passenger side, since he was moving the cart a very short distance. Instead of hitting the brake, he pressed the accelerator foot, and hit me square on.

It knocked me to the ground so hard I thought I had broken my left hip. My leg was paralyzed or almost, because I could not move it. After getting back to our home, I put the Infratonic on my left hip and leg and kept it there most of the night. In the morning I was able to walk and by the next day I tried playing golf again. By the following day I was back to playing 9 holes, which two days previously I had thought to be almost impossible."

Elsie Seidelhuber, Seattle, WA

"Pain occurring from an auto accident. This man was pinned in his auto after rolling over. He couldn’t walk and had pain all the time. Treated chest and legs (Mind) every day. After 10 days there was a reduction in painkillers. Walking and sleeping were improved, pain was reduced. He purchased his own Chi Machine and says sometimes he sleeps with it on all night."

Linda Riggs, Tucson, AZ

"Auto Accident - Hit from the rear with significant impact. I purchased my QGM after being treated by the chiropractor’s office. I had resigned myself to “This is how I have to live now”, when I got a call asking me to try the Infratonic 4. With the 1st treatment an amazing thing happened. I had pinched nerve pain in lower lumbar disappear! But in addition, at the end of the treatment, I could think clearly, colors were brighter (have MS too) and I felt like I could make decisions clearly. It changed my life and I purchased an Infratonic 4.

I was treated (Mind) starting at base of neck and then worked on trouble areas. A good sweep is mandatory. The pain would seem to jump from left side to right side. You then catch it and sweep it down and out through the feet. You start relaxing with the transducer picking up the broken, stagnated blockages and moving it out through the hands and feet. It is important to do a good sweep after working a specific area. The chiropractor stated I was much easier to adjust after treatment and movement had been facilitated with “CHIing” first. A reduction in pain medication occurred as I had relief and still does of pinched sciatic nerve pain. I never thought there was any hope for the pinched nerves. But the CHI treatments eliminated my pinched nerves to this day. It has been one year since purchase."

Bonnie Landsverk, Woodland, WA

"My 23 year old daughter was involved in a head on collision with a drunken driver. Major injuries were a dislocated left hip, compound fracture of right tibia, fracture of right fibula, broken nose, contusions and bruising of arms and body, associated physical and mental pain. Fractures were surgically repaired with titanium inserts. In hospital 4 days and released to a hospital bed at home with an abduction pillow to stabilize legs. Codeine for pain. QGM was applied to bruises on arms which were markedly improved in 2 days. (Mind) Applied continuous 24 hours a day for the next 10 weeks. Able to eliminate pain medication after 10 days. Had no trouble sleeping. Mental attitude was excellent considering her confinement. Mostly she applied QGM to area of the fractures and on dislocated hip. Visiting nurses and therapists commented on her optimism and rapid progress, as did her orthopedic surgeon."

VaLinda Baum, Staunton, IL

"Problems being treated: Post trauma due to auto accident 1-12-2001. Closed head injury with profound swelling and minor fractures. Fractured right thumb & wrist. Major bruising of both knees, thighs, left shoulder & arm & upper back, profound bruising of pelvis, severe trijeminal nerve damage, and a sense of ill-being. Nerve shaft in sacral area is not intact. Using the machine on all injury sites focusing on whatever caught my attention the most at the time of treatment. Used on both sides of injury site to prevent an energy cyst. Used on both sides of my head to eliminate or lessen the intense pain. Used for many hours during awake times and slept with machine/transducer on bedside table. Go to sleep at night a lot with transducer on heart area. Especially for the sacral area the treatment allowed for me to sit in a tub for bathing. The relief was tremendous.

Results: Head pain diminishes each time machine is used. Wrist and thumb are getting better even though the fracture was diagnosed more than a year later. The burning pain from the bruising not as intense. Nerve damage is healing much faster according to the TMJ specialist and the chiropractor. They say it will take about 3 years to fully recover, if at all possible, but not to plan on 100 percent. I say I will be 100 percent. Quality of life improvements: I started using the machine about three months after the accident. I had been on narcotic pain pills just to get some sleep. After the first treatment I got so much relief that I was able to go to sleep that night without a narcotic pill. I treat all the points of pain daily and go to sleep with the machine every night. My thinking and memory has slowly improved even though I have good days and not so good days. I became optimistic the first time I used the machine - “I may actually heal!!”"

Rudene Wible, Amarillo, TX

"My name is David G. Kolb. I’m a Shiatsu practitioner. I ‘m going to tell you how the Chaos 4 helped me. Aug 17th 1999 I was hit front driver side by a pickup truck. I had to be cut out of my car and air lifted to the hospital. The results coming back when I was aware, were 6 cracked vertebra, sacral plate was broken, left pelvis was broken in 4 places, and left leg had nerve damage.

Dr. Bartolett was my doctor. He wanted me to be stable and talked with me the next morning. I was told a partial body type casts were needed. I said no and wanted to know what I needed to do if I could go home. I would have to lie still on my back for 3 weeks and then possible sitting in a recliner type chair. I said I could do it and wanted to go home. 3 days later left intensive care unit. My parents set up my office for me to recovery. I lay on the massage table for starters. With prayers, reiki, Shiatsu and the Chaos 4 we set out to recover in record time. We placed the chaos 4 on CV6 on Med for the first 24 hours home. There was a lot of pain build up and released. After the first 24 hours I used Chaos 4 on CV4,CV6, GB30 and Spleen 12. Running 24 hours a day on low.

In a week and a half I was sitting in a recliner with pillows for my back. A visiting nurse was telling Dr. Bartolett of my progress. How the pain subsided, I was wiggling my toes in my left foot, and sitting in a recliner. Three weeks after the accident I was using crutches to start the process to walk. The chaos was still running all the time I sat or laid down. Now I was doing both sides of the body with the same points. My three-week check up surprised the Doc when I went in on crutches and not pushed in on a wheel chair. X-Rays he took shocked him at how fast bones were fusing together in all areas. The black and blue swollen leg was 75% retreated. He did ask what I was doing. I told him of my Chaos 4, Prayer, Reiki and no comment from him.

In 6 weeks I was without crutches but a cane. In 8 weeks was back seeing clients on a limited scale. In 12 weeks was back to work fully. In the doctors words I shouldn’t have been back to work till January 2000. He was amazed at everything. I did give him info on the Chaos 4. I still use it today in my practice and I do sleep one night a week in my office with the Chaos 4 going all night usually on CV6 for maintenance. I now have a thriving practice and the Machine has been sold to my clients who do believe in it."

David Kolb, Danielsville, PA

"A 23 year old female lost control of the sedan she was driving when forced out of her lane by another vehicle. She struck the barrier at the side of the freeway and flipped over it, rolling again twice. She suffered multiple contusions and abrasions on the head, knees, thighs and arms. Treatment began one month post-MVA at the clinic and during home visits. The main consequences of the MVA were limitations in use of the right leg, which had tissue and nerve damage in three areas, and cranial/affective symptoms of fear, disorientation, intracranial sounds and visual disturbance.

An Infratonic was purchased for home use by the patient, who applied the transducer frequently to locations where there was edema, pain and restricted movement. During sleep, the transducer was applied to the neck and head on a regular basis. The patient reported a great deal of personal comfort with the use of the Infratonic, and also discovered that the low-frequency sound wave generated by the machine produced a much appreciated relaxation in the anxiety level and behavior of her young children. Clinical and home rehabilitative care continued for three months, with some residual restriction in the knee.

Emotionally, the patient has emerged very strong and applies herself to her education, her work, her children’s school activities and her family with a very positive sense of direction and support. She continues to use the Infratonic to provide relaxation and relief for herself and her family."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX

"My neighbor, a 16 year old female, took a serious spill on gravel while traveling fast on a motorcycle. The cycle, which slipped out from under her and dumped her on the pavement, then fell on top of her, producing contusions to the hip, abdomen and left leg. Xrays showed a hairline fracture in the left tibia. She used my Infratonic for self-treatment at her home for two periods of at least two hours each (Mind). Initial results showed greatly reduced edema and pain during the first treatment in which she placed the transducer under the calf of her leg while she took a nap. After a second similar treatment at night, the young woman moved about more easily.

The effect of the Infratonic was to reduce pain, edema, anxiety about the pain, worry about the leg, and fear produced by the trauma of the accident. The leg did not swell up again and did not have the deep pain she had felt post-injury. There was a slight limp due to her overall muscular soreness which disappeared after a few days. The young woman returned to work as a lifeguard two days after the accident. The resilience of young tissue in achieving fast recovery is wonderfully multiplied by the application of Infratonic sound to produce coherence and remove interference to healing processes."

Mary Berry, DC, Richland Hills, TX


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