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"Problem: Stomach problems and also tight and tense muscles

Treatment: "The Spa Difference" in Kingsport, Tennessee did treatments once a week for 8 weeks and the problem was resolved. It also helped to heal my sprained wrist and bad knee. I love the CHI Infratonic machine and want one for my home use.

Quality of Life Improvements: I walk better, sleep better, and have almost completely resolved my stomach problems. I owe it all to the CHI Infratonic machine."

Troy Bramlett, Blountville, TN

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"Occasional stomach spasm and bloating, causing intense pressure and discomfort. The transducer is placed directly over stomach area. Relief is almost immediate, with pressure reducing as stomach relaxes. Total relief in about 30-40 minutes. Without CHI machine, this condition can last for 3-4 hours or more. Return to function within a short time."

Margaret Sullivan, Baraboo, WI

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"Condition: Stomach upset or heart burn.
Treatment: (Mind) 10 to 15 minutes over CV:14, 10 to 15 minutes over St:36, 5 minutes over Lu:3 or 4 (whichever is the most ender upon palpation). If results are not noticed, repeat the process on the other arm and add Sp:6."

Jeff St. Onge, San Diego, CA

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