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Dr. Johnigk finds that the Body setting is very valuable for the treatment of muscle sprains, back pain and digestive problems. He states that results are more dramatic and achieved quicker with the Infratonic 8 than with prior machines.

Dr. Joseph Johnigk, Bartonville, IL

Marilyn badly twisted her ankle a few months ago. It was very painful and swollen. She used the QGM along with ice for about 2 hours before going to bed that night. The next morning, her ankle was pain free and all swelling was gone.

Marilyn Sturtevant, Peoria, IL

Sprain to the Ulnar side of the wrist (rt). Second-degree in severity was x-rayed to rule out fractures of the wrist. Injury was caused by a fall. Wrist was turned under the body with the body weight falling on it. Was treated 2 hours after injury (Mind) 1 hour 40 minutes daily for 12 days. Swelling went down, movement went from none to almost full range with no pain. Strength came back (from none) enough for client to do a massage in 2 weeks from the injury. Full range of movement came back to wrist. No pain in wrist, client can work as a massage therapist

Marion Moat, Bothel, WA

"A patient presented with a 3 month old ankle sprain. There was moderate swelling and pain with walking. We used the Mind setting for 10 minutes only. The following day she had no swelling, painless range of motion, no pain walking."

Marian Fish, DC Portland, OR

"Jammed & sprained thumb. I was attempting to shut a sliding glass window when my hand slipped and I jammed my thumb with all my strength & force. I know it wasn’t broken, but pain was extremely high. Being a massage therapist I was certain I’d be out of work a week. I immediately put the Infratonic 4 on my thumb. The pain intensified at first but I kept the machine on. I used it continuously for about an hour until the pain was totally gone!

I don’t take painkillers although it might have helped. But the pain didn’t get unbearable, even when it was intensified. Despite my original assessment of not being able to work, I actually was able to do massages the very same day. No pain. I used the Infratonic again for 20 minutes after work to prevent any recurrence of pain. Thank you for this wonderful machine!"

Marcia Brandt, Mt Vernon, IA


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