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"Prostatitis for 25 years. I had prostate surgery for cancer and the symptoms of constant pain got worse. Low back pain, headache, neck pain, testicle pain I bought the QGM, used it in the groin area, on the soles of my feet. I improved, but it wasn’t until I used it all night at the low setting that the pain retreated. Now after a year I still am symptom free. Doctors don’t believe me and keep saying Prostatitis is incurable. I sleep well without having to get up to urinate, no pain, no irritation, no depression - I just didn’t want to live. I even have erections which as a rule are not possible after prostatectomy, especially for a man of my age - 72.

I tell this to my urologist and he just laughs and shakes his head. I am so grateful and so relieved that I can hardly stop talking about this machine. I don’t take any drugs for the condition for over a year. I don’t go to the Urologist either, other than to see if the cancer has returned (which it has not anywhere). Now I use the machine for anything that ails, even for relaxing. I take it with me everywhere I travel."

Jay Garcia, Mission Viejo, CA

"Prostate, Diabetes & spleen. I’ve had trouble with prostate for many years. I became allergic to sugar as I started to get diabetes. At the same time I had pain in spleen area. I had trouble going to sleep. Trouble with much tiredness. I stopped eating sugar - took herbs for prostate and diabetes. I use the QGM for 30 minutes on spleen area and 20 minutes on my prostate area. Pain stopped and started to sleep better and it only took me about an hour to go to sleep rather than 3 or 4 hours. Have more energy - eat better - good appetite. Some pain in spleen now and then but 15 or 20 minutes with the CHI machine takes it away. Prostate is completely cured but I still treat it now and then."

William Little, Congress, AZ

"Prostate cancer. I had 4 surgeries in 12 months time. My strength was greatly reduced and I had to take pain killers all the time. I was introduced to your product by my acupuncturist and ordered it for myself after 3 treatment sessions in her office. I now own the Infratonic SE and use it daily. No more painkillers, I have regained my strength. I sleep better now. I have started to attend classes at the university. I also exercise with Tai-Chi to maintain my health. I recommend the machine to anybody."

Abdorrahim Sayyar, Las Vegas, NV


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