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Muscle Tension

"7 years of chronic muscle pain and tightness from lumbar-sacral injury which resulted in partial atrophy in left thigh muscles and sacroiliac instability. Walking has been impossible without limping due to pain stepping down on left leg. I tried (Body) directly on the pain for 20-30 minutes once daily with some relief. However the (Mind) setting, sweeping for 20 minutes and up to one hour, gives me much more energy in the leg when I get up to walk.

My 7 year limp is not as pronounced and I feel the muscles now functioning to support my weight. Repeating treatment 2-3 times a day keeps me out of a pain crisis and better able to perform my rehab exercises without tiring so fast. The Infratonic 8 definitely has helped me to feel more balanced and in control, to walk longer distances often without a limp, and to sleep soundly without developing painful pressure points."

Francea Lundstrom, Palo Alto, CA


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