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Danger and Discovery

***To get an idea of how the Infratonic signal influences the nervous system, I set up a standard phone plug as a sensor of electromagnetic noise, fed it into a spectrum analyzer, and found that it was virtually all 60 Hz noise.
***I then applied the mind signal of the Infratonic 8 into this same spectrum analyzer.

***The result was surprising. Not only did it pick up the 8.5-13.8 Hz signal, but also picked up two additional bands just like the mind signal except symmetrically located above and below 60 Hz. This was quite a puzzle to me. What could it mean?

***I got another big surprise when I applied the Infratonic 8’s Spirit signal. It showed both the alpha and intuition bands, and showed both bands reflected above the 60 Hz spike, but, to my consternation, showed no peaks below 60 Hz, just continuous activity between 25 and 50 Hz.

***I set the Infratonic back to the mind signal and tried again. This time, the mind signal had additional activity between 25 and 40 Hz!

***I was obsessed with knowing what this all could mean. It defied my analytical mind!!!

***As I sat down to think about this, I realized that the activity around 60Hz was a beat frequency phenomenon, where the infratonic signal combined with 60 Hz activity in the air to create additional frequencies at the sum and difference of the two signals.

***This might help to explain why the theta rhythm increases when the alpha signal is first applied and why the Infratonic reduces electromagnetic sensitivities. But why the activity between 25 and 40 Hz?

***I then realized that the Spirit signal had done it’s job. The purpose of the Spirit signal is to bridge between the analytical mind (13-17 Hz) and the heart (25-40 Hz.). I was about two feet away from the sensor, and as I pondered under the influence of the Spirit signal, my heart generated the 25-40 Hz activity. The sensor apparently picked up the electrical or magnetic activity of my pondering.

***To test this hypothesis, I waited until I was back to normal and ran the test with the Spirit signal again, and, sure enough, I got the expected signal, with the Spirit bands reflected around 60 Hz. My thoughts had invaded the circuit.

***So, the next time you are at your computer deep in puzzlement or creative thought, and your computer crashes, be aware: Your thoughts may have invaded the machine!!!

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