neck therapy

Ideally your horse should bend his nose around to touch your hand or the area you are ticking. Move to the right side of your horse, and pick up the right front leg and repeat the exercise getting your horse to flex to the left. Often you will hear loud pops, this is normal and a good sign that the horse’s neck is releasing.

1. Begin at this area (the atlas) and treat each area, working towards area #7. Each area should be treated for 5 minutes, and you may treat both sides of the neck.

Flexion Exercises

*After treatment with the Equitonic, gently do neck stretches with your horse. You may hold a carrot on either side of your horse, gently asking for flexion towards his shoulder.

Another flexion technique for the neck is to stand on your horse’s left side, and pick up the left front leg and reach around in front of your horse’s chest to his right-side, and tickle or scratch his right shoulder area.

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