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Evolution of the Infratonic

The first Infratonic was developed when a “friend of the family”, a healer, walked into the National Institute of Electro-Acoustics in Beijing and asked Prof. Lu YanFang to measure the vibration of his hand when he was emitting vital energy. She discovered that his hand produced a strong signal. Several other healers were measured and produced similar signals. The first device of this kind, shown below, was built by the Institute of Electro-Acoustics and proved effective at reducing pain and aiding in recovery in a wide variety of conditions.




How It Works





Low Cost Unit: The original device was very expensive to manufacture, so Professor Lu worked with a factory in Southern China to produce a low cost version. CHI Institute imported the low cost analog unit to the United States but soon found that high failure rates and low efficacy greatly limited its appeal.

Infratonic 3.0--Increased Reliability: In discussing these problems with Professor Lu, she resolved to manufacture the unit herself, making a high quality, effective, reliable therapy device. Her first production unit, the Infratonic 3.0 was highly reliable and had a more effective signal, similar to that of her original invention, however, despite the improvements, Richard H. Lee, director of CHI Institute was not satisfied with this Analog technology.

Chaos Therapy: He went to work developing (and filing patents on) an entirely digital Infratonic according to a totally new principle, Chaos Therapy. By this principle, a highly unpredictable signal is administered into the body within a precise frequency range. This therapy breaks up existing vibrational frequency patterns, creating a high energy opportunity for the body’s operating system to reorganize into a higher, more efficient vibrational state, accelerating healing and relieving pain, sometimes instantly.


EEG Enhancement: This new Chaos Therapy unit was compared to the older unit through an electrical brain mapping technology called Quantitative ElectroEncephaloGraphy (QEEG) by Dale Patterson PhD.

His findings were remarkable, showing that the patented digital Chaos Therapy circuitry produced far higher Alpha entrainment than the older unit. While the older unit produced an 18% increase in Occipital Alpha activity, the Chaos Therapy unit produced ten times the effect, providing an increase of 154%, which is extraordinary evidence of increased ability to penetrate the communication systems of the body.

Reduced Inflammation: This patented Chaos technology was also tested in controlled studies with Standardbred racehorses, the results showed an incredible increase in effectiveness with additional treatments:

A single 10 minute treatment provided reduced inflammation for four hours.
A single 20 minute treatment provided reduced inflammation for 24 hours, and,
Two 20 minute treatments 12 hours apart reduced inflammation for 144 hours, or
about 6 days.

Biochemical Studies: In addition, this controlled research showed that this new Chaos technology decreased diagnostic enzymes in blood tests, increased the production of Hyaluronic Acid in joints, and had the horses running faster than the control group.

Linear Pulse Modulation™ A detailed study of the signal and delivery method revealed that there was substantial distortion caused by the original design of the transducer. The new Linear Pulse Modulation™ transducer provides a much higher quality signal.

Three Vitalizing Signals: A major, patented improvement in the Infratonic technology involves combining signals from different frequency bands into a single theraputic signal for added effectiveness for a variety of conditions. While the original signal, the body signal, is most effective for emotional trauma and inflammation, the Body signal is more effective for slow moving, slow-to-heal cellular tissue, and the SPIRIT signal is most effective for conditions where there is mind body interference, or psycho-somatic conditions. for more on the Three Vitalizing Signals, click here.