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1 Mechanism

How does Infratonic Therapy alleviate pain?
Infratonic Therapy alleviates pain by reducing cellular trauma. As this cellular trauma is reduced the cells stop sending pain signals and no longer release inflammatory enzymes, which can eliminate pain and inflammation.

How does Infratonic Therapy reduce cellular trauma?
Infratonic Therapy produces a highly unpredictable signal in the range of the brain's EEG activity which is an important frequency range in which the body's cells communicate with each other. This unpredictable signal easily penetrates the vibrational defences of the tissue and breaks up abnormal cellular communication that calls for other cells to produce inflammation, edema, chronic pain and other abnormal cellular responses. This signal also induces cellular activity in the range of the brain's "Alpha Rhythm", which induces calm clarity and cooperation among the treated cells. It also decreases the sense of anxiety, which relaxes the person as a whole.

How does the Infratonic 8000 accelerate recovery?
The Infratonic 8000’s Chaotic Alpha accelerates recovery by increasing smooth communication between cells and calming cells to reduce unnecessary metabolic activity, increasing available healing resources. The additional Delta range activity in the Body signal increases sub-cellular activity, increasing vitality and healing resources. One of the many beneficial biochemicals often increased with Infratonic therapy is Hyaluronic Acid.

What is Hyaluronic Acid?
Hyaluronic Acid is a viscous oil that lubricates joints, accelerates wound healing, strengthens muscles, reduces scar tissue formation and normalized scar tissue, creates hard and soft structures within the myofascial tissues and by selectively bonding to ionic compounds, creates electrically conducting and electrically insulation tissues within the body. Increased Hyaluronic acid product appears to be a principal way in which the Infratonic Therapy relieves pain and accelerates recovery.

2 Research

What scientific evidence do you have that Infratonic Therapy works?
Animal studies are the gold standard for efficacy because, unlike humans, animals don’t have preconceived notions on healing. In a controlled study using 20 standard bred horses, those treated with the Equitonic (the equine equivalent of the Infratonic) showed a dramatic drop in the level of diagnostic muscle enzymes indicating accelerated muscle healing. The treated group showed a steady and marked improvement in the reduction of pain, reduction of inflammation and accelerated healing while the control group’s health declined in those areas. Treated horses ran an average of 6 lengths faster after 6 only weeks.

Does the FDA approve of Infratonic Therapy?
Infratonic Therapy is 510(K) listed with the FDA as a therapeutic massager. As such, it is already considered safe and effective for pain relief, promoting local circulation and muscle relaxation. FDA Approved status often requires hundreds of millions of dollars which is far beyond the budget of CHI Institute, and is only required for potentially dangerous and/or ineffective drugs and devices.

Are there any dangers to using Infratonic Therapy?
Infratonic Therapy applies sound waves to improve local microcirculation, similar to ultrasound treatment. But while ultrasound uses high frequency sound which can cause deep tissue burns, Infratonic Therapy uses low frequency, so there is no chance of excess heat build-up, no problem with metal plates, pins or staples, and no need for an attendant. Infratonic Therapy is completely safe to use as much as you would like. The only contraindications are that it should not be used within six inches of a pacemaker, and should not be used on the calves where blood clots are suspected.

3 Applications

How do I treat Whiplash?
Initially use the Infratonic 8000 on the back of the neck several times a day for at least 20 minutes on the FULL setting. This will calm the affected area and alleviate soreness and stiffness. Continued treatment for 20 minutes several times a day will greatly help to keep soreness and stiffness from setting in. For chronic pain associated with whiplash apply the transducer to the affected area several times a day for 20 minutes.

How do I treat chronic pain? Is it effective?
Chronic pain stems from a wide variety of causes and is unpredictable. While many people have reported remarkable reduction in pain and progressive improvement, everybody is different so results will vary. Chronic pain can be treated effectively by placing the Infratonic Therapy over the affected area for at least 20 minutes. This should be performed several times a day.

Can the Infratonic Therapy help me to relax and sleep?
Because the Infratonic Therapy breaks up cellular trauma, it is extremely useful for calming and relaxation. Apply the to the center of the chest and relax for 20 minutes to feel relaxed and get a sound night’s sleep.

How do I use Infratonic Therapy for a broken bone?
If the trauma is treated within 24 hours of the injury apply the Infratonic 8000 gently to the affected area several times a day for a minimum of 20 minutes. It can be applied through clothing or a plaster cast, and can be effective if applied from several inches away. It is sometimes most comfortable to start with the transducer 12 inches away or more and gradually move it closer as the trauma is reduced. This will help to keep the swelling down so that the body is able to retain Hyaluronic acid in the traumatized area as well as produce Hyaluronic acid in the affected area.

Can I use Infratonic Therapy to treat cancer?
No. Infratonic is not approved to treat cancer. But it is good for relieving discomfort from the side effects associated with cancer treatment and/or chemotherapy. It can also stimulate mood improvement in the patient. Many people who suffer from cancer or chronic pain find that Infratonic Therapy improves their quality of life.

Is Infratonic Therapy effective for the discomfort of Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Yes. Apply the transducer to the area below the naval and above the pelvic bone or area of discomfort for 20 minutes several times a day. Infratonic Therapy has provided very good results with relieving the discomfort of Irritable Bowel Syndrome with this treatment.


4 Use Instructions

Can the Infratonic be used with other healing modalities?
Infratonic Therapy is very effective before and after surgery and in tandem with drug and herbal treatment. Because the sound waves stimulate your body to heal itself, and since there are no ingested products there is no additional work required to eliminate any drugs from the liver or kidneys. This gives the body more energy to focus on healing the affected area

Is it okay to use Infratonic Therapy along with my conventional medical treatment?
Yes, Infratonic Therapy may be used with conventional treatment. It is 510(K) listed with the FDA as safe and effective. Since its therapeutic objective, reducing cellular trauma, is different from virtually every other therapeutic method, it adds to the effectiveness of most any treatment plan.

Is it okay to use on pregnant women?

Infratonic Therapy is excellent for relieving anxiety which may be associated with pregnancy, also helpful for treating side effects of carrying a child such as constipation, sore joints and/or muscles. Many have reported that it really helps for first-trimester nausea by applying it to bottoms of the feet or palms of the hands. It can also be helpful to alleviate or calm mood inconsistencies. However, since the effect of Infratonic Therapy on the developing fetus has not been studied, we do not recommend applying it directly over the developing fetus.

My patient got more pain when I tried Infratonic Therapy. What’s going on?
Sometimes, when patients have a chronic condition, the brain has lowered the rate of communication to the affected area. This is the body’s way of alleviating some of the pain. By cutting down on the amount of communication with the troubled area, the brain can eliminate some of the pain. Infratonic Therapy will reestablish the lost communication with the affected area, which initially can increase the pain. This is a sign that the treatment is working. Continued use of Infratonic Therapy will reduce the pain, discomfort and swelling. Where people have reported an initial increase in pain, they almost universally report a highly significant improvement in their condition later on.

What if I don’t see any results?

Infratonic Therapy provides effective relief for most users. Some users experience relief instantly. In some cases if the illness has been cumulative it may take longer for a user to notice results. If you feel that you are not benefiting from using Infratonic Therapy please contact our Customer Service Department to discuss potential improvements to your treatment. If you are still not satisfied you may return the unit 90 days of purchase for a full refund, including UPS Ground postage. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your Infratonic 8000 or SoniCalm 3, simply call within 90 days from the date of purcahse. If you are within the USA, you will receive an immediate refund of your purchase price including tax and UPS Ground shipping when we receive your unit. Outside of the USA, we also offer the 90-day no-risk guarantee but you will be responsible for all shipping charges.