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Basic Point Based Protocols

  • Apply to the Point of Discomfort of Congestion: The most common application of the Infratonic or SoniCalm, and the most likely to provide short, and long term relief, is to simply put it where it hurts. Placing the unit directly over the affected area will soften the problem area, reduce trauma and inflammation as well as open up strong communication channels to the brain. Treatment directly over the point of discomfort can provide profound pain relief in as little as 10 to 15 minutes after the completion of the therapy. A typical treatment should last from 10 to 30 minutes and can be as long as several hours. Usage has a cumulative effect, so the more frequently the unit is used and the longer the unit is used directly influences the time it takes to experience relief as well as the length of time that the relief will last. Treatment may be applied over clothing, bandages and/or plaster casts.



How It Works





  • Sweeping: Sweeping involves applying Chaotic Alpha to the entire body and moving downward (from the heart out of the hands and from the head out the feet). This promotes the induction of coherent Alpha rhythm throughout the cells of the body, bringing about harmonious cooperation. (link to Sweeping page, to be developed)

  • Energy Points: While sweeping increases the sense of vitality throughout the body, specific points have been found clinically to be better at enhancing energy flow for different parts of the body. Application of Infratonic therapy at related trigger, reflex or acupuncture points is a common practice. Here is a Basic Treatment Point Chart. Eight Points to Infratonic success. A more detailed point based presentation is offered in our CHI Point Chart.