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equine acupressure book
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Equitonic 3

Special Offers - Get A Free $39.95 Soft Carrying Case With Retail Purchase. Note: this item is now available.

The Equine Acupressure book is now also included free with purchase.

The third generation of our equine massager. Improved technology at a new lower price. Single frequency, low-medium-high settings. Includes the new 8.0 transducer assembly with a heavy-duty magnet and a 12 foot cord.

$ 795.00

A free soft carrying case and equine book with purchase - A $70 Value

Equine Acupressure
A Working Manual
*by Nancy Zidonis, Amy Snow & Marie Soderberg

*"I have found 'Equine Acupressure - A Working Manual' to be an excellent book for treating horses with the Infratonic machine.

**It is a wonderful reference guide to suggested treatments for various ailments in the horse and it is also easy to follow and understand. Infratonic therapy is effective when used on acupuncture points and this book is a wonderful starting point for you and your horse."

*******- Chris Macri, Equine Therapist at UC Davis, CA

Accessories and Supplies

battery pack infratonic

Battery Pack -
With Protective Case and Shoulder Strap

Provides full power when an AC outlet is not available. Use in your car, an athletic field, or in the barn. Comes with an AC wall recharger, and a DC auto inverter. Everything shown fits inside the case.

Note: works with both the Infratonic and Equitonic machines. (weight: 8 lbs.)

$275.00 (+S&H)

Disposable Sanitary Booties

Keeps an Infratonic Transducer free of bodily oils when used directly on a customer's skin. Perfect for clinic uses. Shown covering a transducer. Package of 100.

(Transducer shown is not included)

$ 18.00