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Equitonic 3





soft carrying case infratonic

Regular users of the Equitonic 3 have been winners of the prestigious Kentucky Derby for three of the last seven years, and have placed first in many other prestigious races. In addition the Equitonic 3 has been used to bring many injured horses back to health and high performance.

This third generation of our Equine Therapy Device provides improved technology at a lower price. The research presented here shows the effectiveness of the Equitonic to reduce inflammation and increase production of Hyaluronic Acid in hocks, and to accelerate healing of muscles as documented by reduction in serum CPK and AST (diagnostic enzymes for muscle damage) and increased performance. For a good overview of the Equitonic 3 and its benefits, click here.

The Equitonic 3 comes with a convenient carry bag with a hole in the back for an extension cord so you can put the bag over your shoulder with the base unit in the bag and treat your horse, confident that the equipment is safe.