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Cognitive Processing Protocols:

Cognitive processing is a fundamental aspect of Infratonic Therapy, opening the door to release of old emotional and mental patterns that can be behind pain and discomfort.

Some simple protocols will be described below which are highly effective at accelerating certain kinds of processing. As cognitive materials are processed or swept out of the body, there is less cognitive material clogging up the tissues, and our bodies become more free to process cognitive materials. This is a principal reason why we feel both relaxation and mental clarity after an Infratonic treatment. As the load decreases, our cognitive processing capacity increases, allowing us to process bigger, more complex issues.




How It Works






IIn other sections of this website, we examine the idea that cells often produce the wrong chemicals because of some sort of shock which leaves the cells responding abnormally, and that application of Infratonic therapy can awaken them to the need at hand, mobilizing their healing resources, thereby reducing pain, promoting circulation, and producing the needed chemicals to accelerate recovery. Here, we take a bold jump, from cells being programmable chemical factories, to cells as conscious entities which combine together to form larger structures, tendons and internal organs, that have higher order consciousness, and eventually combine to form the physical body which supports the consciousness which we know as the physical consciousness of the human being.

We have also discussed how a traumatic accident might shock cells throughout the body into abnormal activity, and how Infratonic therapy can normalize this activity. But here, we expand this concept, and assert that the shock of a traumatic accident is just an extreme case of sensory experience. Emotional experiences like getting a letter from the IRS or getting fired from a job can have a detrimental impact on the cells of our bodies, similar to the effect a broken bone or food poisoning can have on our health resulting in abnormal production of biochemical agents.

From this perspective, the human body is a cognitive processing network and every cell is a node in that network. Illness and injury have a major impact on our ability to process cognitive materials as do sensory input, emotions and thoughts. From this perspective, body and mind are inseparable.

Our emotional and mental lives are registered in the cells of our bodies. Emotions like fear, joy, anger, and grief, each cause cells throughout the body to produce characteristic chemicals, and frequently these cells get stuck in one of these modes of behavior, creating acute discomfort or chronic illness. Infratonic therapy works on this stored cellular programming just as it works on programming from traumatic injury.

BL Woodland, WA Auto Accident - Hit from the rear with significant impact. I purchased my QGM after being treated at the chiropractor’s office. I had resigned myself to “This is how I have to live now”, when I got a call asking me to try the Infratonic 4. With the 1st treatment an amazing thing happened. Pinched nerve pain in lower lumbar disappeared! But in addition, at the end of the treatment, I could think clearly, colors were brighter (have MS too) and I felt like I could make decisions clearly. It changed my life. I was treated (M) starting at base of neck and then worked on trouble areas. A good sweep is mandatory. The pain would seem to jump from left side to right side. You then catch it and sweep it down and out through the feet. You start relaxing with the transducer picking up the broken, stagnated blockages and moving it out through the hands and feet. It is important to do a good sweep after working a specific area.